We are excited to welcome Luke and Emma Adams to the Concrete Doctor family.

Luke, Emma and son Fletcher (a big boy at 3 years old) are an inspiring young family. Enthusiastic and ambitious plus they are fun, friendly and really know how to kick back and enjoy some downtime.

Emma and Luke enjoy regular camping trips with family and friends and love nothing more than getting off the beaten track. Whether it be going bush out west or to the sand cliffs of Rainbow Beach, a good balance of lifestyle is important to them.

Emma completed a mountain of legal studies over the years and has progressed through dedication and hard work to have a successful legal career which she thoroughly enjoys. She speaks confidently and passionately about moving forward in life and the growth and opportunity it presents.

Luke has developed a broad range of experience and knowledge through his various jobs, businesses and careers with his most elite achievements being working his way up through the qualification system in concrete testing, rewarding him with being appointed a key supervisor and tester for many major projects such as Airport Link, High Rises and Civil Works projects. Also some very specialist skill sets in the concrete industry such as Bunnings Burnished Floors.

We welcome Luke, Emma and Fletcher to the Concrete Doctor Family. They bring a lot of positive energy and enthusiasm plus every Concrete Doctor will benefit from Luke’s expertise in concrete testing. He adds specific knowledge and experience that will help us ensure non-toxic products become standard practice, rather than the toxic products currently being used in this industry.

Why Concrete Doctor?

Luke and Emma are driven to maximise their opportunities. They possess an innate spirit of entrepreneurialism which has been ingrained in them since young adults. When we asked them what was the key deciding factor in joining the Concrete Doctor, Emma explained simply

We saw this was a really good opportunity! It complimented Luke’s existing knowledge and skill sets, plus he also has a lot of contacts in the industry. We also get support from Concrete Doctor so we don’t have to do everything ourselves. As we grow, we can really make the most of this.