We are excited to welcome Robert and Katrina Haugh to the Concrete Doctor family.

Robert and Katrina approach this next chapter of their lives enthused that they are fulfilling a mutual goal, to live in beautiful Toowoomba and start a new business together.

Robert and Katrina are high school sweethearts. Robert (from Chicago) reflects romantically on how he and Katrina (Aussie roots) went from pen pals to soul mates. “ I always knew I was going to marry Katrina. We’ve always had great communication and we’ve always just been really good friends”.

Robert followed his heart and moved from the extreme winter cold of Chicago, USA to the sweltering summer heat of Ingham, QLD. Robert is one adaptable human being! Katrina’s career began with high profile nanny positions where she first fell in love with the Toowoomba region. Katrina naturally transitioned into education. Robert on the other hand was left a little deflated after he found out his US Trade in heating and Air Con was not recognised in Australia.

Robert quickly realised the only way to get a job was to get to know people and accept whatever job was on offer. He did just that starting as a cleaner at the local high school, Robert worked hard with a smile and got to know more people which led to better jobs and greater opportunity with positions in the Sugar Mill, Council Roads and Health Department.

With their kids now grown up and a beautiful Granddaughter Scarlet to spoil, Robert and Katrina have the freedom to make these life changes. Their Franchise Territory covers Ipswich City and Toowoomba City and surrounds. It also includes some great regional towns such as Dalby and Warwick and everywhere in-between.

Why Concrete Doctor?

We asked Robert what were the key factors in their decision to join the Concrete Doctor. He replied:

“When I first met Brian (co-founder) I liked how passionate he was. He really did believe in what he was doing. Once I got to the Gold Coast we went a little deeper and I could actually see how the Concrete Doctor processes transformed rubbish concrete in beautiful finishes. The clincher was when I learned the income potential is phenomenal. This wrapped it up for me.”

We asked Robert about the challenges in making such a significant life change. He explains “It’s been a complete emotional rollercoaster, every time that it’s looking bleak it does a complete 180 and it works out. Just blows me away. Like the universe is looking out for us. The first part of my working life felt a bit like a roundabout that I couldn’t get off. Now it’s becoming clearer and clearer. Just a few little speed bumps really and our new destination is right in front of us.”

Robert and Katrina, we are in awe at your commitment and dedication to making this all happen. We are so proud to have you join the team and we look forward to supporting you and ultimately celebrating your success with the Concrete Doctor.