New Opportunity

Whilst concrete services are not new, the Concrete Doctor systems
and products are absolutely revolutionary.

Concrete Doctor must be the most exciting new business opportunity in Australia right now.

Key Advantages:

  • Concrete Doctors are armed with innovative new non-toxic products that are a industry unique
  • Competitors continue to struggle with outdated toxic products and processes
  • Concrete Doctor’s are given an exclusive area distributor license to sell these amazing products
  • Product development, branding, marketing, advertising and ongoing support, is taken care of by experts in our team and it’s all covered by your low fixed ongoing fee
  • Trademarks and patent pending provide investors with solid legal protection from competition
  • Concrete Doctors tap into three niche markets. The building industry, local business & domestic households
  • Customers in all markets have high perceived value because concrete costs a fortune to replace or remove
  • The number of potential clients is always increasing because more concrete is poured every day and concrete deteriorates over time
  • Your startup package includes everything you need to kick off your business

More of the things
you love

You don’t have to be passionate about concrete or have prior experience in concrete to be a Concrete Doctor.

Whilst the nature of the work is quite satisfying and enjoyable, your Concrete Doctor business is largely a vehicle to help you achieve financial freedom and your desired lifestyle.

We are looking to mentor people who are motivated to build successful businesses.

If you are curious to learn more please download our information brochure and fill in your details.

You can also contact Concrete Doctor direct on email

By making an enquiry you are not under any obligation to invest and likewise, we are under no obligation to accept you just because you enquire.

We look forward to helping you learn more about the Concrete Doctor and if the glove fits, we look forward to welcoming you to the team and celebrating your success!

Financial Freedom

you reap the rewards for your hard work.

Photographer: Oliver Sjöström,

When you become a Concrete Doctor, you reap the rewards for your hard work, not your boss.

The Concrete Doctor’s success as a group is dependent on the success of its individual stakeholders.

As far as income goes your earnings potential is tremendous!

$100-150k p.a. net profit is possible to make from a single vehicle business operation.

You have opportunity to multiply your profits through replication. Add more vehicle and territories if you want to kick some really big financial goals.

How much you earn is up to you!

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