Basement Carpark Concrete Sealing

Concrete Driveway Resurfacing

Same Day Cure Assist Sealing

Concrete Dusting Prevention & Treatments

Eco Friendly Concrete Resurfacing

Professional training for innovative, industry leading patent-pending products, equipment and application methods.

Concrete Dusting Prevention

Same Day New Concrete Protection       Cure-assist sealing for the earliest possible protection for your new concrete driveway.

Dusting Concrete Treatments

Treating dusting concrete is our specialty. Silicosis is the new asbestos, dusting concrete causes permanent lung damage

  •  No-Toxic Concrete Sealing Products
    Toxic products have no place in our work-place nor should it be at your home effecting you and your neighbours.
  • Innovative Day of Pour, Concrete CureSeal™ Treatment
    Advancements in Concrete Doctor’s water-based product technology, great results for excellent hydration, oil, acid & dusting resistant concrete from day 1.
  • Prevention or Treatment for Dusting Concrete
    Advanced wet surface polymer treatments to re-bond and strengthen the surface. Then we apply an acrylic top seal.

Day of Pour Industrial Concrete Floor Sealing – Eco Friendly Driveway Resurfacing

At Concrete Doctor we pride ourselves in being the “Non-Toxic Professionals”. Our inovative water-based, resurfacing and sealing system is a major breakthrough In our industry.

Patent Pending PCT/AU20129/000061

At Concrete Doctor, we have pioneered the Non-Toxic concrete Driveway Resurfacing and Sealing of Concrete, Exposed Aggregate & Natural Stone. Our New Installation Sealing System is an industry game changer. Now you can immediately Seal & Stain Protect your assets as soon as possible before it’s too late. Check out our video demonstrations and see for yourself. At Concrete Doctor our unique water-based sealers offer the highest level of stain protection in the industry!

Product Information & Safety Data Info

Eco Friendly Concrete Resurfacing
Same Day Clean & Seal Innovators

completed concrete resurfacing project for a carpark

Our Inovative product application methods (Patent Pending PCT/AU20129/000061)  has been fully developed in-house by Water Based Sealers Pty Ltd over the last 5 years.

Client Testimonials

Concrete Doctor totally transformed our home’s driveway. We are so pleased with the outcome and absolutely love that we were able to find an Eco-Friendly company who do such quality work. We highly recommend them. They were very Professional.

Rob & Carol


Our newly installed exterior tiles were a bit of a worry, especially around our BBQ area. We called Concrete Doctor after seeing their video demonstration and were very impressed. I was impressed with their prompt and professional service and now glad I took their expert advice on how to best care for my new patio and pool tiles. Thanks CD.


Palm Beach

To the team at The Concrete Doctor, just wanted to say how pleased we were with the remediation works conducted by the Contrete Doctor guys. They are great professionals of their craft and are obviously perfectionists. They provided care and considerations for our property and are passionate about what they do to ensure that the clients are 100% satisfied.
Couldn’t ask for more and they stand by their products and workmanship. The best part is that the products used are 100% environmentally friendly, non-toxic and free of harmful VOC’s.

Thank you once again.
James & Catherine

Newcastle NSW

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